Upgrades are typically to fix bugs and security issues. Kris Voelker Designs will perform the necessary upgrades to improve the performance and features for pages, posts, audio, video and other system upgrades.

Backups are not only important prior to WordPress upgrades, they ensure the safety and security of your website with consistent backups of your database and files. Backups can be emailed to you or stored in a secure cloud storage.

Whether it’s small 30-minute jobs or updates to your content, we offer convenient ways to receive support. We are available via support tickets, live chat and email support. Requests are typically completed within one business day.

With Kris Voelker Designs, you have no WordPress stress. From spam, broken links to core upgrades, we provide hassle-free maintenance. You no longer have to worry about maintaining your own site or wonder what will happen if you click the “Update” link.