It can be confusing trying to figure out how to get this website “thing” started. First, take a look at your business and decide what purpose your website will serve. Take a look at other sites in the same industry. How are they using their web space? What services do you offer that they do not? What kind of information do they have? What is your target audience? Do you want to sell things from your site?

Gather information you already have for your business like brochures, yellowpage ads, newspaper ads, price and product lists, photos of your building, you and your staff, logos, trade certification information etc…

I will look at sites in your industry right along with you, so if you would like to recommend sites for review, just send me the URL (web address).

Get a notepad and start jotting down ideas. Eventually you can start organizing your ideas into what you visualize your website to be. After you order your site, we will go over it together to get the results you desire.

First and foremost is the development of your content. What and how much information do you want to include? What do you want your site to say? Having the content ready first helps with the search engine optimization, which should be part of the development process from the very beginning.

What Should My Site Look Like?

Your site should reflect you and your business’ personality and be clean, clear and easy-to-navigate. While you visit other sites in your industry, take note of the types of sites that you like and those you do not like. I will provide guidance as the look of your site takes shape.

Can I use pictures of my products/service on the site?

Absolutely! Graphics should be used to supplement your textual content. The use of a lot of images can slow the loading time (the time it takes for customers to see everything) of a page. If so, some visitors may not wait for the page to appear completely. They usually move on. If you have ever been to a site that has taken a long time to appear and become impatient, you know what this means.

You can include pictures of your storefront, your staff, your products, YOU! I will work with you and help you decide how to best use the images you have.