Hosting & Domains

I utilize the expertise and support of several tier one web hosting providers. Based on your specific website’s needs, I will recommend the best provider for you. Here are two of my most popular host providers, each of which offers slightly different services. Check out their sites for more detailed information.

I can also work with your current hosting provider, or another provider of your choice.

Choosing And Registering Your Domain Name

What is a Domain Name?
A domain name is essentially a unique, easy to remember name used to identify your web server (computer your site is stored on). Your domain name (virtual URL) is assigned a number associated with the computer your site is stored on; but rather than trying to remember a string of numbers, it’s much easier to use a name you recognize!

So used along with “http://www.(yournamehere)”, this now becomes your URL (Uniform Resource Locator) or website address. The domain name for Kris Voelker Designs is The complete URL for this site is Typing this in the address bar of your web browser brought you here! All domain names are registered with ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). Think of ICANN as the DMV of domain names!

Do I have to have a domain name to have a website?
Not necessarily but is a good idea to have one.

What should my domain name be?
Choosing your domain name can be as simple as the name of your business. For example, if the name of your business is XYZ Massage, you may want to be your website address. That means, is your domain name. Use only letters, numbers and/or hyphens (although the name cannot begin or end with a hyphen). Domain names are not case sensitive. is the same as

But, what if someone already has my name?
It is possible that the name you choose is already taken. In that case the registrar (companies that process domain name registrations) you use may suggest others. Try using Chances are that one of the variations you come up with will work. You can also try .net, .biz, .info and so on.

How do I register my name?
You can register your domain name through an accredited registrar. Some companies sell domain names only, while others will offer the domain name as a part of a hosting package.

If you are not sure where your site will be hosted, it may be a good idea to “reserve” your name before someone else gets it! For more information about registering your domain name, check out Domain Name Registration Information.

How much does it cost to register a domain name?
The cost of a domain name can run anywhere from free with a hosting account to $35 per year, depending where you register. Many registrars offer sales and promotions and some hosting companies will include your domain name registration in with their hosting packages.

Where Will Your Site Be Hosted

What is a hosting company?
A hosting company provides a place on their computers (servers) for your site files to be stored and have ready to be “served” whenever anyone calls up your URL.

How much does it cost?
That completely depends on the hosting company that you choose and how many options you need. The cost of hosting will depend on how much storage space and bandwidth (data transfer) you need, how many e-mail addresses you need, cgi-bin access, additional software you would like installed and so on. Some require a set-up fee.

The more features you are looking for, the more you will pay. For example, an on-line store with a shopping cart and a secure server order form will most likely cost more than a storefront site. Billing from your hosting company is separate from your domain name registration and website developer, unless your hosting company builds your site for you.

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may offer free space to it’s customers. Check out how much space they allow and if commercial, business or for-profit pages are allowed. This may be the ideal set up if you only require a page or two.

How do I find a hosting company?
By doing a search on Google or your favorite search engine, you will return many options. Take a look at what they offer and be sure they can meet your needs.