Self-Empowered Wisdom 2020: An Intimate Gathering in mystical Sedona, AZ.

20 Years of Transformation

Stellar Productions celebrates 20 years of transformational conferences in Sedona, February 21-24,

Join us for this celebration featuring five-time New York Times best-selling author, Gregg Braden. We’re back at one of our favorite venues: the recently renovated Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock and world-renowned Eforea Spa. Imagine yourself listening to the deep, heart-felt truths of Gregg Braden with Bell Rock as a backdrop.

Uqualla, Havasupai Chief and Ceremonial Keeper. Uqualla will unite us as one heart and one mind so we can truly be together and co-create.

Kelley Alexander’s opening address will speak to us of our humanity; our interconnectedness and oneness. She’ll move us out of our heads and into our hearts to embrace and celebrate who we truly are. Kelley brings a glimpse of her personal journey to the stage. As she evolves multidimensionally, the vision and mission of her keynote address flows directly from that evolution of consciousness. Also evolving, Kelley’s work, assisting others stuck in the cycle of self-destructive behaviors to transcend and step into a fully empowered and integrated life, gains more and more mastery.

Gregg Braden will be with us all day Saturday and Sunday sharing the new discoveries that overturn 150 years of thinking regarding our origin, capabilities and, most importantly, our potential. The science is clear: Humans appeared on earth 200,000 years ago with extraordinary abilities such as intuition, compassion, empathy, love and self-healing already in place rather than evolving these abilities slowly and gradually over a long period of time. Highlights of Gregg's program include the science-based techniques that awaken these uniquely human potentials that include: deep-intuition On Demand, advanced states of self-regulation, longevity, increased resilience, self-healing and much more. Also featuring Heart Math CEO Dr. Deborah Rozman with a one-hour presentation on the latest science of the uncharted heart.  Don’t miss this opportunity to discover why you’re not what you’ve been told, and you’re more than you’ve ever imagined!

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Enjoy a Pre-Conference Experiential Seminar with Dr. Joe Dispenza

In this day-long, experiential seminar with Dr. Joe Dispenza, you’ll have the exclusive opportunity to meet with Dr. Joe in a very intimate setting.

Thoughts are electric…. Feelings are magnetic… Once you understand the science behind transformation, you have all the tools you need to create the life you deserve.
Dr. Joe Dispenza has traveled the world, teaching people the science of change. He’s chronicled his student’s progress through rigorous scientific testing, including brain scans, blood tests and heart monitoring. In this seminar, Dr. Dispenza will present his findings which show people healing themselves from chronic illness, having inter-dimensional experiences, interacting in other realms and creating the life of their dreams.

Be defined by a Vision of the Future instead of a Memory of the Past!

Dr. Joe makes quantum physics easily understandable. You’ll learn how people are creating a new electromagnetic signature that draws the events of their choosing to them.

 "This is a time in history when it's not enough to know. This is a time in history to know how." -- Dr. Joe Dispenza

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Optional Post-retreat offerings on Monday, February 24th

These are not included in your weekend registration

Expressive ART from the HEART with Martha Reich Braden 10:00 - 4:00 pm
We invite you to explore creating art from your heart! Martha Reich Braden will guide you in expressing yourself using watercolors, colored pencils and black sharpies on paper. We’ll capture your memories and experiences, with the creation of your very own "Art from the Heart " postcards! Learn how to use color, space and expressive lines and brushstrokes to describe what you see with your eyes and feel with your heart. No need for previous experience or ability to draw a straight line, just bring your willingness to have fun!

Watercolors, colored pencils, paper, brushes and sharpies will be provided. 

If you have your favorite materials that you'd prefer to use, you can bring those instead.

(Please indicate if you'd prefer to use Watercolors or Color Pencils)

Suggested Materials:

  • Winsor Newton 12 color travel set or your favorite set of travel watercolors
  • Brushes – rounds are good – or your favorites
  • Paper – Watercolor postcard pad or paper. Strathmore makes a 15 sheet Postcard pad that's lovely, or 6” x 6” watercolor paper etc.

Activate your Heart’s Intelligence – The Power of Coherent Alignment
with HeartMath CEO Dr. Deborah Rozman 10:00 am - 4:00 pm 

The state of physiological coherence generates an alignment between heart, brain, spirit and nervous system that activates the heart’s intelligence and guidance. In this full day program you’ll learn about HeartMath Institute’s scientific research on individual, social and global coherence that has the potential to transform our personal, social and global future. You’ll learn and practice new HeartMath tools to unleash the power of coherent alignment for yourself and help activate the heart of humanity. This facilitates heart empowerment in individuals and social systems to choose the way of love, demonstrated through compassionate care in interactions with ourselves, others and planet Earth

Discovering the SALKA: Moving from Unhappiness to Joy
with Jorge Luis Delgado 10:00 am- 4:00 pm

If we want to be happy, why aren’t we? Why are we always so focused on what’s not going right in our lives? On what doesn’t work? On what our neighbor has that we don’t? We know this attention only serves to keep us stuck and yet we persist.
The Inca, the children of the Sun, find a reason to celebrate every day and every one. Learn the secrets of moving into SALKA and leaving unhappiness behind. SALKA is your undomesticated, unique, free, wild Self – with one important addition – common sense.

Self-Empowered Wisdom 
Music, magic, mystical experiences and sacred ceremony along with tools to take with you as move forward into your Joy and Freedom!

From the opening ceremony to the closing and everything in between, prepare to be dazzled and delighted!